Baby Diaper Products: Pampers Baby Dry |

I am gearing up for a hot, humid summer with my baby and toddler. Moms know how tough hot weather can be on little ones — babies get fussier, crankier, more tantrums ensue. Although I found it easy to find light-weight clothing to keep my baby cool and happy, I had a harder time finding a thin but effective diaper that could keep up with him. I was given the opportunity to review Pampers Baby Dry diapers to see how they held up in our busy family life.

My two main challenges in choosing a reliable diaper for my 19-month-old baby are finding a product that doesn’t become too bulky and uncomfortable for him after a couple hours; and finding a diaper that will stop my little guy from feeling wet so he can sleep through the night.

I did a thorough test and review on Pampers Baby Dry diapers and found some interesting differences between them and my regular diaper brand.

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Baby Diaper Products: Pampers Baby Dry |

No Saggy Bums

Baby Diaper Products: Pampers Baby Dry |

I have very active toddler and baby boys. Most of their days and evenings are spent running around outside and in the house, tumbling over each other or climbing the furniture.

With my old diapers, my baby would get frustrated when his diaper got wet and heavy. Most of the time, he would just take off his pants and diaper, and run around naked…this made for some funny yet embarrassing days at the playground with me trying wrangle a new diaper on my little one.

Pampers Baby Dry diapers are thinner than the other brand I was using. I noticed how happy my little guy was to run around and play comfortably, without a sagging diaper dragging behind him. The fit on these diapers was great and I didn’t have to readjust once I put it on him.

Dry Bums = More Sleep for Mums

Baby Diaper Products: Pampers Baby Dry |

Sometimes moms can make do with a less than perfect diaper for babies when they are out and about, but for me, the real test is in the overnight protection.

My baby sleeps like a dream. I put him to bed around 7 p.m. and he typically sleeps until 7 a.m. or later. However, I noticed he kept waking up throughout the night when I tried another diaper brand. Let me tell you, once you’re done having your babies and get used to having uninterrupted sleep, it is NOT fun to be woken up night after night because your baby can feel his wet diaper.

I put a fresh Pampers Baby Dry diaper on my baby before bed and that little angel slept for 12 HOURS STRAIGHT! When I checked him in the morning his diaper was full, but he was happy and smiling. No leaks through his pyjamas or crib sheets.

I looked into it and found out that Pampers has Extra Absorb Channels which is something they developed for its existing baby diaper products. They took this innovation and put it into its line of Pampers Baby Dry, so babies (and parents) can enjoy 12 hours of overnight protection.

Pampers Baby Dry: Pass or Purchase?

I give this product a resounding thumbs up! The price point is good. It keeps my baby dry and comfortable throughout the day and night. As an added touch, the diapers have the sweetest baby powder scent.

Pampers also makes sensitive wipes — perfect for when baby gets a heat rash on a hot summer day — and even has a Pampers Rewards App for parents. Download the app and register to earn 100 points and earn points for diaper coupon codes, retailer discounts, deals and… diapers!

I saw a noticeable difference in how happy my baby was in these diapers and now Pampers Baby Dry are my go-to brand for baby diaper products.

Baby Diaper Products: Pampers Baby Dry | Thank you Pampers for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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