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If you are a nursing mom, you’ll want to read this post.

I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a secret that I need to share with all nursing moms who are in the process of getting back into shape. Wait for it…NURSING ACTIVEWEAR.

Now this idea may sound simple enough, but nursing sportswear clothing is surprising really hard to find.

Trust me, I know. I’m a new mom again with a 3-month-old son and a 23-month-old son. And I’ve started working out again a few times a week. I do yoga, spin class, mommy-baby bootcamp, and I exercise at home.

I’m feeling more energetic. I’m having fun being active and socializing with other moms. But you know what sucks? Trying to breastfeed my baby while wearing a sports bra.

To say it’s uncomfortable in an understatement. Any nursing mom who has tried to breastfeed her baby while wearing a traditional sports bra knows exactly what I’m talking about. Regular sports bras are designed to hold down your breasts and minimize movement while you’re working out. This is exactly why it so difficult and painful to take your breast out and nurse your baby.

It must have been serendipity that I came across Cadenshae, a nursing activewear company based in New Zealand, started by mom of two and personal trainer, Nikki Croft. As a personal trainer, Nikki lived at the gym and almost exclusively wore activewear. After having her first baby, she found it impossible to find clothing suitable to work out in and nurse in. In her words, “it made dressing each morning an absolute nightmare.” When she couldn’t find nursing clothes to fit her active lifestyle, she decided to create her own line of fun, stylish, and functional nursing activewear. Yeah for us!

I had the pleasure of testing out two of Cadenshae’s products. The Activewear Hoodie in Pink and the Ultimate Bra in Navy/Pink. Check out my video product review here or keep scrolling to read my review. You can also enter to win a free nursing sports bra of your choice at the end of this post!


CADENSHAE-pink-nursing-activewear-hoodie-hidden-side-zip-zippers-new-mom-front-unzipped |

Activewear Hoodie in Pink – $99

This product was awesome. It’s February here in Canada, and it’s cooold! I tried this Active Hoodie in Pink while doing low- and high-impact activities, and it performed beautifully. The fabric kept me warm, but also wicked away the sweat so I stayed cool.

The material felt really nice against my skin. And the garment seemed nicely structured and really well made. I loved the front pouch because now that I’m carrying a baby around everywhere I go, it’s nice to have a place to store my keys and cell phone.

Let’s talk about the best feature of this hoodie: the invisible side zippers. AH-mazing! My friends didn’t actually realize it was a nursing hoodie until I showed them. And P.S., am I the only one who hates the over-the-boob nursing flap used in most traditional nursing wear? That look is not cute. It’s exactly what made my avoid buying nursing clothes in the first place. Cadenshae really nailed it with its invisible side zippers. They’ve created a product that gives nursing moms exactly what they want and need: nursing clothes that don’t look like nursing clothes.

CADENSHAE-pink-nursing-activewear-hoodie-hidden-side-zip-zippers-new-mom-closeup-unzipped |

CADENSHAE-ultra-navy-pink-nursing-activewear-sports-bra-new-mom-front | ouicestchic.comCADENSHAE-ultra-navy-pink-nursing-activewear-sports-bra-new-mom-racer-back |

Ultimate Bra in Navy/Pink – $69.99

I fell in love with the Ultimate nursing activewear bra in Navy/Pink as soon as I saw it. It was super stylish and it was a freaking nursing bra that I could work out in! That was all I needed to make me happy. Then I put it on.

This nursing activewear bra feels AMAZING. The fabric felt wonderful against my skin. The straps were cushioned and comfortable, AND came with a little hook to switch to a racer-back option. It even included an extender to add extra length to the band.

The fit was perfect (I tried a size 12 and my nursing size is about 36D). And I was able to open and close the nursing flaps with one hand — a MUST when nursing your baby.

I worked out in this nursing activewear bra while doing a low-intensity activity (yoga) and a high-intensity activity (mommy-baby bootcamp), and it kept everything in place.

CADENSHAE-ultra-navy-pink-nursing-activewear-sports-bra-new-mom-closeup |

Product Recommendation

I tested out the Cadenshae Active Hoodie in Pink and the Ultimate Bra in Navy/Pink. What I loved most about these products was the combination of wearing them together. Having a super stylish, supportive, and comfortable nursing sports bra is one thing. But it was even better to wear that nursing activewear bra with a nursing activewear hoodie.

I didn’t have to fuss with layers. I simply unzipped the hoodie’s side zipper and pulled down the flap on the nursing bra, and voilà! I was able to easily and discretely nurse my baby.

I wholeheartedly recommend buying these products. They tick all the boxes for a chic mom trying to get in shape. I honestly could not be happier with these nursing activewear products.

Cadenshae’s line of nursing activewear provides stylish moms great looking nursing activewear clothes that make them feel hot while working out.

Cadenshae offers several nursing activewear bras, tank tops, and hoodies. You can check out the full product line at

Disclaimer: Although I received products in exchange for this post, the views expressed are honest and my own.


Since I was so pleased with my Cadenshae nursing activewear bra, I wanted to share my experience with my audience with a Cadenshae Nursing Activewear Bra Giveaway! The winner will get to choose any nursing bra of their choice.

There is no cost to enter and all shipping and duty fees will be paid by the sponsor. This giveaway is open worldwide to those 18 years of age or older.

This Cadenshae Nursing Activewear Bra Giveaway runs from February 9, 2016 until February 23, 2016 at 12:00 AM. The winner will be contacted within 48 hours of contest closing.

You can easily enter below. Remember, the more times you enter, the more chances you have to win.

Good luck chic moms!

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  1. Wow that looks like an awesome bra and sweater! I’m due with my second in 8 weeks and would love to win that bra because it would certainly make things easier.
    Great review!

  2. This is great!! There is definitely a lack of cute, fashionable nursing wear. I hate fumbling with layers, too, especially in summertime. I am not currently nursing, but I still found this post interesting, as I’ve never heard of this company! And yes, pulling your boob out of a sports bra is no fun at all.

  3. Argh!!! I just caved and bought a bust-flap hoodie because I didn’t think invisible zipper ones existed!!! Literally! One week ago today!! Argh!!!!

  4. Thanks for the chance, I am expecting my first baby mid April, and I am so excited! My favourite blog post is The Naked Truth About Taking Ridiculously Good Nude Maternity photos!

  5. I’m due in May with my 3rd and last baby. I really want to get back into shape after I have him. This sports bra would b awesome!

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