Disclosure and Privacy Statement

Hi guys. In an attempt to make the Internet a more honest and transparent place (is that even possible?), I wanted to share my disclosure policy and privacy statement.

(clears throat) I, Katrina Turnbull,  am the sole writer, editor, and owner of this blog (amazed that I am such an epic multi-tasker? Me too!), so the opinions expressed are unapologetically my own. I do not claim to be an expert on any topic (is ‘being chic’ a topic?), so please consult with a professional before taking any advice. Sometimes sneaky, unrelated websites will try to backlink to my site. I will do my best to remove these backlinks, but I am not responsible for the content of other websites linked to mine.

This blog is set up to earn revenue. I quit my job, remember? So, from time to time, I will receive compensation (cash money and glorious swag) for posting links, allowing advertisements or reviewing products. I will ALWAYS tell you when a post has been sponsored. But more importantly, I have integrity, which means that I am going to give my honest opinion, no matter what. I would never promote anything on my blog that I wouldn’t recommend to my friends or my own mother.

Sometimes brands will send me free stuff to promote to my audience. These are called giveaways, and they are actually legit! Any giveaways promoted through Oui C’est Chic will be for the sole purpose of making my subscribers happy by giving them free swag just for reading my blog.

I will never sell or distribute any personal information collected through Oui C’est Chic. Am I the only one who is constantly afraid of my email address being sold off to a Russian spamming operation? The point is, I will protect your personal information like its my first born.

I want you to share my awesome content. Share it with as many people as you want! Share it with your friends, your neighbours, your postman. All I ask is that you provide author credit. Just don’t copy my stuff and try to pawn it off as your own. I will know and I will find you (online).

And lastly, I encourage you to comment on my blog. I want to hear what you liked, what you didn’t like, where you stand on a particular issue, and the like. I do, however, reserve the right to delete any comments deemed inappropriate (mostly mean-spirited stuff, casual swearing is fine), irrelevant (shameless self-promotions), or spam (see note above on Russian operation), at any time and without out warning.


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