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Urban living can be tricky for new moms with young babies. When I transitioned from a downtown-living young professional to a young mom with two babies, it was important to me to maintain my identity and urban lifestyle.

I live in Ottawa’s trendy Westboro neighbourhood, adjacent to the downtown core and only a seven-minute drive from Parliament Hill. I have a car, but I prefer to walk and take the stroller out with my kids to my favourite restaurants, boutiques, and coffee shops.

I put the City Tour travel stroller, one of Baby Jogger’s high end baby strollers, to the test to see if it could keep up with my chic city lifestyle. Scroll down to see #HowIStroll and the cool spots this chic mom likes to take her mini weekend warrior.

I also got the chance to test out the Baby Jogger City Select Lux Stroller. Check out my video below to see this stroller in action and more of my fave things to do in Ottawa with my baby.

High End Baby Strollers for Chic City Living


Viens Avec Moi Boutique

High end baby Strollers: Baby Jogger | Viens Avec Moi clothing boutique, Ottawa | ouicestchic.com

As a fashion television host, I am always looking for unique and interesting clothing. But I don’t always have time to travel to L.A., Paris, or Montréal to scout the latest trends. I’m fortunate to have a ton of local, independent clothing boutiques right here in my neighbourhood that offer unique and on-trend fashion for cool moms.

French for come with me, Viens Avec Moi boutique in Westboro carries chic, feminine designs in limited size runs. That means if you happen to snag the latest off-the-shoulder ruffle top in your size, you’re likely the only one wearing it in the city.

One Monday every month, owners Renée Morra and Sophie Beaudoin hold a mommy and baby shopping party. Healthy snacks and a play area for babies are provided, so busy moms can enjoy a relaxed shopping atmosphere, while shop staff entertain the little ones.

High end baby Strollers: Baby Jogger City Tour travel stroller | Westboro, Ottawa | ouicestchic.com

Although the stairs at Viens Avec Moi boutique may be tricky to tackle with a stroller, staff are quick to lend a helping hand. The City Tour stroller weighs only 14 lbs, making it light enough to carry up a flight of stairs on your own with baby strapped in.

Fab Baby Gear

High end baby Strollers: Baby Jogger City Tour travel stroller | Fab Baby Gear Westboro, Ottawa | ouicestchic.com

After mommy gets her shopping fix, it’s baby’s turn. Fab Baby Gear is a super cool and trendy baby boutique located in Westboro. It offers unique and modern baby toys and clothing, not to mention baby furniture and high end baby strollers, like those from Baby Jogger.

I registered for all my baby shower items at Fab Baby Gear. I found the selection of products fit my chic personal style and contemporary home decor. It’s my go-to spot to stock up on kids’ birthday presents or shower gifts for my friends.

Pure Kitchen

High end baby Strollers: Baby Jogger | Pure Kitch vegetarian Westboro, Ottawa | ouicestchic.com

Taking care of my baby and toddler can burn a lot of energy. After a morning of shopping, I like to grab a bite at Pure Kitchen, a vegetarian restaurant offering super healthy and flavourful dishes, as well as fresh-pressed juices.

On a nice day, I like to sit on the street-facing terrace to people watch with my baby. If it’s not busy, my little guy can run around in this closed-off area while waiting for his meal. Since the City Tour stroller has a slim profile, I was able to tuck it into the alcove adjacent to the patio. If you’re worried about it being in the way, the City Tour folds with one hand to a compact 22 by 18 inches to easily slide under your seat.

High end baby Strollers: Baby Jogger City Tour travel stroller | ouicestchic.com

If you’re keeping your baby in the stroller during lunch and the sun is beating down, this stroller comes with an extended canopy with UV50+ protection to keep your baby cool, safe and shaded.

Quelque Chose Pâtisserie

High end baby Strollers: Baby Jogger | Quelque Chose macaron café Westboro, Ottawa | ouicestchic.com

Before nap time, I like to recharge with a nice coffee and special treat for me and my baby. Quelque Chose Pâtisserie is a new addition to the Westboro food scene. It offers a vast selection of French pastries and specialty flavoured macarons, including Earl Grey & Milk Chocolate, Dulce de Leche & Puffed Quinoa, and Jasmine Tea.

High end baby Strollers: Baby Jogger | Quelque Chose macarons café, Ottawa | ouicestchic.com

The decor is quintessentially Parisian chic with pink walls, gilded mirrors and macaron towers. There is also a cool rooftop terrace which I highly recommend checking out. Just simply fold the City Tour stroller and place it into its carrying backpack to bring the stroller with you as you walk up the stairs to the patio with your baby.

High end baby Strollers: Baby Jogger | Quelque Chose macaron café, Westboro, Ottawa | ouicestchic.com

The owner of Quelque Chose Pâtisserie has made the café very kid friendly by providing toy train and tea sets to entertain little ones while parents savour a little break while sipping a well-earned latté.

High end baby Strollers: Baby Jogger | ouicestchic.com

If you don’t make it home in time for baby’s nap, don’t sweat it. The City Tour has an adjustable reclining seat so baby can drift way as you window shop on your walk home. This is great feature of the stroller for manoeuvring through your own city and travelling too.

Since the City Tour is one of Baby Jogger’s high end baby strollers, the padding and structure of the stroller was very comfortable for my little guy. He was happy to take a little nap as I pushed him home on a nice summer day.

Thank you Baby Jogger for sponsoring this post. The views and opinions expressed are my own.

Here at Ouicestchic.com, I want to see where you like to go with your baby. Post a photo of you and baby in your favourite Baby Jogger stroller and tag Baby Jogger on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag #HowIStroll.

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