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Easy holiday makeup tutorial for beginners. Watch this video for a simple Christmas holiday makeup look to make you look gorgeous. Perfect beauty looks for New Years too! This DIY step-by-step makeup tutorial is fun and perfect for blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, redheads, blonde hair, or brown hair! I use awesome makeup sets and palettes using gold glitter and sparkle products, Urban Decay eyeliner, red lips, burgundy lipstick, maroon lip colour. Click the link for some girls winter holiday makeup inspiration |

The holidays are a time to indulge. We over do it with the food, wine, presents, and even with our makeup. To avoid looking like some scary Christmas clown, read these holiday beauty dos and don’ts. Scroll down to watch my Holiday Makeup How-To Tutorial. Here are my Holiday Makeup Tips to look festive and polished this holiday season:

  • Pick one feature to accentuate. I can remember going to a work Christmas party where I went for a black smokey eye, with silver glitter liner, and crimson red, glossy lips. When my date picked me up, he immediately told me I needed to tone down my makeup. Although he was an asshole, he was right. Choose only one feature to highlight.
  • Be bold. While keeping in mind my suggestion above, the Christmas season is a time to be daring. Go for sparkle and rich tones. Try a metallic eyeshadow, deep-wine coloured lipstick or gold glitter eyeliner.
  • Wash your face. You’ll be heading to a lot of holiday parties, which equals a lot of boozy late nights. I’m sure you’ll be tempted to just fall asleep with your makeup on, but take 4 minutes to wash it off before you turn in. The heavier holiday makeup will cause more breakouts on your skin. Make it easy to remove by using a makeup wipe. Drink a full glass of water before bed and you’ll wake up fresh as a daisy!

I made this easy holiday makeup tutorial for beginners to create a stunning glam makeup look. Watch this holiday makeup how-to tutorial for more holiday makeup tips.

List of Makeup Products Used:

Tip: If you don’t want to buy three individual products to achieve the holiday smokey eye consider getting some holiday makeup sets. You can buy the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette and use Extra Bitter, Lethal, and Blow.

These products also make great Christmas holiday beauty gift ideas. So get your Christmas shopping done by clicking the links above.

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What did you think of this holiday makeup how-to tutorial? What are some of your best holiday makeup tips? Leave me a comment below!

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