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If you’re thinking of traveling to Paris with baby and need some helping finding a baby-friendly place to stay then you’ll want to check out this post on where to stay in Paris with baby.

I recently took my 15-month old baby to Paris for the first time and wrote this post to share how I found a great place to stay during my three-day trip to Paris that came equipped with all the baby gear I needed.

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Where to Stay in Paris with Baby

When in Paris, I love staying in the Marais, a trendy neighbourhood located in the 3rd arrondissement.

Why the Marais is the perfect neighbourhood:

  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s very safe for families.
  • It’s authentically Parisian.
  • It’s full of trendy cafés and restaurants.
  • It has some of the best shopping in Paris.
  • It’s non-touristy and not overly crowded like some areas.
  • It’s centrally located and within walking distance to other popular neighbourhoods and attractions, like the Bastille, Seine, Notre-Dame and Louvre.

So how do you find the perfect place to stay in the Marais?

Book with Air BNB

Air BNB is the perfect solution to finding accommodations in Paris for you and your baby. Bringing your baby with you to Paris means needing a home environment. Traveling to Paris can be tough enough, so why not make your life easier by booking an apartment with Air BNB rather than a hotel?

Benefits to booking with Air BNB:

  • Cheaper than a hotel
  • More space than a hotel room
  • No sharing one room with your baby! (Everyone can have their own bedroom)
  • Most likely in a better, more authentic Parisian location
  • Access to a kitchen and fridge (can store baby food, snacks, and cook meals)
  • Access to a washing machine (don’t have to pack as many clothes!)
  • Can include all your baby items (no need to bring a travel crib!)
  • Free access to Wifi

For my first trip to Paris with baby, I decided to book an Air BNB apartment for the first time as well. I was nervous about the outcome, but ultimately I knew it would be a better, cheaper option than staying in a hotel for three days.

By booking an Air BNB apartment, I had more space for my baby to run around. I specifically searched apartments that were set up for a baby, i.e. included a crib, change table, toys, etc. To narrow down your search to baby-friendly apartments, click More Filters and scroll down to Keywords.

Remember, France typically uses British English, so some apartment descriptions might use slightly different terms for baby items. To make sure you aren’t missing out on the perfect Parisian apartment, search a broad range of keywords in both English and French.

Here’s a list of keywords to search on Air BNB to find a baby-friendly apartment in Paris:

  • cot
  • crib
  • high chair
  • stroller
  • pram
  • baby carrier
  • lit bébé (crib)
  • lit d’enfant (kid’s bed/toddler bed)
  • chaise bébé (high chair)
  • porte-bébé (baby carrier)
  • pousette or promeneur (stroller)
  • elevator
  • ascenseur (elevator)

I was able to find a fantastic 2-bedroom apartment in the Marais (Enjoy Paris Oberkampf with a baby) area of Paris rented out by a lovely Parisian family with a baby. My baby slept soundly in his own room, my mom in the other bedroom, and my pregnant-self on the very comfortable pull-out couch in the living room. It came equipped with a crib, change table, high chair, toys, books, extra diapers and wipes, a baby carrier and stroller. The host even offered us the services of her nanny in case we wanted to go out one evening without the baby. She also provided me with an extensive list of local family activities, shops, restaurants and sites.

I cannot stress enough how helpful it was not to have to bring all these baby items with me. As mentioned, I traveled to Paris 4-months pregnant with a very active 15-month old baby. I packed only one carry-on suitcase for both of us. By choosing an apartment that included laundry and all the essential baby items, I was able to pack extremely light, which caused less strain on my pregnant body and less stress in the airports, trains and taxis around Paris.

If you’re interested in how I managed to pack so light for my baby and me for a week in Europe, check out my upcoming post on How to Pack for you and your Baby in One Carry-on Suitcase (coming soon!).

So there are my tips for where to stay in Paris with baby. Let me know which Paris with baby travel tips worked for you or share your own baby travel tips by leaving me a comment below.

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  1. I tried to click on the link to the airbnb you stayed in! I’d love more info, especially because I’d love to have a sitter for a night or 2! Please let me know if you can! best, amanda

    • Hi Amanda! Did the link not work for you? I checked it again and it send me to the listing. I have also included the listing title in the blog post, so you could try searching that (Enjoy Paris Oberkampf with a baby). Hope you have a wonderful time in Paris! I have a Complete Guide for Paris with Baby post that you should definitely check out. Bon voyage!

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