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Aside from the Eiffel Tower and croissants, nothing is more Parisian than a beautifully draped scarf. It is a staple in the attire of Parisian women young and old. But where do French woman buy their scarves? In this post, I’ll share my secrets on the best places to shop for scarves in Paris.

When shopping for a scarf in Paris, ask for a foulard. Many Canadians (myself included) often mistakenly ask for une écharpe, which is akin to a warm wooly scarf—a habit most likely formed from enduring years of tundra-like winters.

A stylish scarf is the perfect accessory to add to any maternity outfit. Looking for ideas on where to shop for maternity clothing in Paris? Check out my post on Where to Shop for Maternity Clothes in Paris.

Diwali Paris

Diwali Paris Scarf Shop | ouicestchic.com

My favourite places in Paris seem to be the ones I discovered by accident, and Diwali Paris is no exception. I stumbled across this charming scarf shop during my honeymoon in Paris and made sure to return during my babymoon.

Diwali Paris is my favourite scarf shop in Paris. Stepping into the store is a sensory experience like no other. It sells hundreds of scarves in every colour, pattern, and luxurious fabric imaginable. In addition to carrying its own brand, Diwali Paris sources exotic silk, wool, and cashmere scarves from all over the world made using traditional, artisanal techniques.

When my female friends and family ask me to pick up something special for them in Paris, this is where I go. Diwali Paris also sells fabulous costume jewelry and fashion accessories.

Location: 6 locations across Paris, including 26 Rue du Temple, 3rd district

Price point: €16–119

Why it’s worth the trip: You are guaranteed to find a unique scarf for a great price.


Monoprix Paris scarf shopping | ouicestchic.com

For those unfamiliar with Monoprix, its a medium-end department store, much like Zellers (Does Zellers still exist?). Although most truly fashion-saavy Parisian women wouldn’t be caught dead shopping at such a generic retailer, don’t write it off. I once found a gorgeous, made-in-France, silk scarf in Monoprix for €10. Ever since that momentous discovery, I make a point of checking back every time I’m in Paris.

Location: several locations across Paris, including 76 Rue Lecourbe, 15th district

Price point: €10–50

Why it’s worth the trip: Great made-in-France finds at a steal.

Catherine B

Catherine B Vintage Scarf Shopping Paris | ouicestchic.com

Catherine B is the place to buy vintage accessories in Paris. It sources exclusive and rare vintage Chanel and Hermès scarves, handbags, and accessories from auctions and estate sales. So you are likely to find one-of-a-kind pieces from the 1940s that have been sitting in some wealthy old Parisian woman’s closet for the past 70 years. For more info on Catherine B, check out my post on Where to Buy a Vintage Handbag in Paris.

Location: 1 Rue Guisarde, 6th district

Price point: €100+

Why it’s worth the trip: You can find authentic vintage Hermès and Chanel scarves and handbags…for a price

I hope my tips help you find the perfect scarf. Want to know how to wear your scarf like a Parisian? Check out my post on How to Tie a Scarf the French Way.


Where is your favourite place to shop for scarves in Paris? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

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Bon magasinage!

(Originally posted on PregnantinParis.com on November 7, 2014)

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